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Blooming Tamarind

Blooming Tamarind

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Grown and produced in northern Rwanda by group of about 70 women farmers. Notes of tamarind, brown sugar, and date make for a unique and high-quality cup of coffee.


Bourbon varieties.

Fair Trade.

Whole bean coffee, light roast, 12 ounces.

The women in this region have built a professional farming community with an emphasis on empowering women to grow and produce quality coffee. Women's education is the focus of this group with programs like farming and site collector training and quality control through cupping and tasting. The women have been able to purchase and utilize state of the art processing, sorting, and drying equipment with the help of their cooperative. These women are also members of various local social programs like Days for Girls. They provide young girls with feminine hygiene products to which they normally would not have access. Help us support the women of Rwanda by enjoying their unique, and lovingly produced coffee!

Pictures of farmers provided by Justin Bravo with Bellwether Coffee.

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